Where can I get a Root Canal in Amarillo?

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If the thought of a root canal causes you to feel anxious, you’re not alone; common myths about root canal therapy cause many people to experience unnecessary worry about this method of treatment. With today’s advanced technology and approaches to patient comfort, a root canal in Amarillo is a routine procedure. At Houston, Vlosich and Short, we deliver the most precise and gentle care, and utilize safe and controlled sedation techniques to keep you at ease throughout treatment. With the care of our compassionate, experienced dentist and staff, your root canal can be a stress-free experience.

Root Canal in Amarillo

Root canal therapy is highly effective for treating a severely compromised tooth and maintaining it in the dental arch. When a tooth has been damaged by injury or decay, bacteria can seep in, infecting the dental pulp, which contains the tooth’s nerve supply. When the dental pulp becomes infected, you may experience sensitivity to temperature, pain when biting down, fever and swelling. If you have a toothache, contact our office without delay; we will provide a prompt and thorough examination to accurately diagnose the cause of your symptoms and deliver the most effective course of care. If a root canal in Amarillo is needed, we gently numb the tooth, remove the dental pulp, clean the area, then seal the tooth with biocompatible materials to protect against reinfection. A successful root canal resolves infection, provides much needed relief from a toothache and prevents subsequent damage to your oral health. Following your root canal, our dentist may recommend placing a dental crown on your treated tooth, to strengthen and protect it, and to restore its function and appearance.

At Houston, Vlosich and Short, our friendly team of professionals strive to mitigate any worry or anxiety you may experience throughout your course of care. When you visit us for root canal in Amarillo, we provide personalized attention and state-of-the-art dental sedation, making it easier to get the care you need. To learn more about root canal therapy or to schedule an appointment, call today.

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